Emily Goodden was, and will always be remembered as, the drummer of the now defunct punk rock, Tourette’s act The Pickles. She has played cello with many local acts such as Chet, David P. Smith and the Victoria Civic Orchestra. She was formerly, and famously, Minister of Casual Living; and has served on the Board of Director’s at Open Space. She is a practicing artist and a practical parent; two things she combined when entering her children into the World Telekinesis Competition 2010. She is a maker of noise and other things, an instinctive collector and archivist. Befittingly, her life is busy with noise and things, which she appropriately attempts to file away for future use. Her totem pole would look something like this: Squirrel, cacophonous hoarder of things; Raccoon, striped scavenger of nighttime free piles; and Mother Bear, who keeps her young cubs close and warm.


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