Animalia Project, 2004


L to R: Plasma Prince Channel 42, c. 1997; Tucker’s Triumph, c. 1994; Totally Playground Princess Pony, c. 1986 ; Felixx Woofer III, c. 1989

The Animalia Project was a part of Museum London’s exhibition Time Has Three Dimensions. in conjunction with the historic Eldon House. Below is an excerpt from the catalogue describing my work:

Childish glee and the desire to make playthings is equally evident in Emily Goodden’s Animalia Project, four interactive assemblage trophies, designed to satirize the ones in Eldon’s main hallway. Goodden’s trophies are each equipped with a pull-string sound recording, made from scratched up, modified components of children’s toys. They bristle with references to television, baseball, electronica, plastic, and garbage, obvious markers of the 21s’ century, and suggestive of a kind of pop-culture wildlife that can be hunted out and displayed with the same garish pride that Ronald Harris took in collecting his animal horns a hundred years ago. Goodden and Harris may in fact be operating from the same
urge: ‘look at this bizarre and wonderful moment of life I have captured and mounted; look at how curious and oddly shaped the world is:

Animalia Project benefits greatly from being placed outdoors, or to be specific, the quasi-outdoor space which is Eldon House’s front porch. The fresh, bright, whiteness upon which Goodden’s trophies are mounted gives them a whimsy
that would have been lost had they been installed inside. Indoors, these trophies would be angry, they would point out the violence, the arrogance, and the conceit behind Ronald Harris’ prizes. Outdoors, they remain gentle, and seem con-
tent to focus on the fact that trophies, more than anything else, are absurd. Indeed, hanging trophies fabricated from a miscellany of mass manufactured parts outdoors is exactly as ludicrous as hanging the preserved remains of nature


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