Trash Pop Sell (Hell Passport), 2007


Published by Perro Verlag.

Trash Pop Sell, an anagram of Hell Passport, is Emily Goodden’s over-the-top, more-is-better approach to infernal portraiture. Both deceased and still very much alive friends and family members are enshrined here in Goodden’s hand-drawn paint-by-numbers exercises. Also included: a cut-and-assemble party hat you can wear to the Church of Satan Bake Sale. This TRASHy POP book, with its bonus paint palette, will SELL out fast.

Hell Passport Box Set

The Hell Passport Project is a series of 24 visual art chapbooks by 24 artists riffing on hell, holes, holiday suicides, sewers, zombies, ghost tracks, evil eye families, premonition rip-offs, bone hounds, contamination, papist’s passports, larval womb rats, scum, & scab-nosed demons.

The artists in this project are from across Canada and the variety of approaches and styles make this series a comprehensive survey of current contemporary visual poetry, drawing and comics.


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