Perro Verlag, 2007


An ad I drew for artist book publisher Perro Verlag, starring my Uncle Moray,  which appeared in Hunter and Cook Magazine.


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Double Rapunzel, 2013



June 26, 2013 · 11:50 am

Bonnie, 2006


This is my little sister, Bonnie.

Wood panel, gouache, pencil crayons.

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The Kitchen Floor, 2012



These 4 colour prints animate an isolated kitchen floor tile as it ages from use. By changing the printing sequence, the black cracks start in the background and slowly make their way to the foreground.

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All of the Places I’ve Lived in Victoria, 2012

GooddenEAssign2-1 GooddenEAssign2-2 GooddenEAssign2-3 GooddenEAssign2-4 GooddenEAssign2-5 GooddenEAssign2-6

Last year I took on the task of recalling all of the places I’ve lived in Victoria. The photographs read like animated film stills, as I walk through time and personal history.

Ideally these photographs would be viewed in an unbroken sequence.

After Michael Snow’s Walking Woman.

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Crop Circle, 2008

crop circleWe Are Not Alone Cover

Crop Circle was made by ‘mowing’ into astro turf and applying a dried-grass-like product, used by train modelling enthusiasts, to enhance the contrast of the shaved-away parts. The astroturf piece was cut to resemble a plot of land viewed from above, and the image left behind is about the end of the world. Crop Circle was a part of an exhibition called, “We Are Not Alone: New Work in Collaborative Fiction”. Crop Circle is 8’x5′.

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Nest, 2012



Nest is made from carefully peeling apart a wasp nest and working paper doilies into the fold. It is a delicate piece about domesticity.


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